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I made a new comic! CHARMLESS is about Lola, a magic girl who isn't feeling very magical. Her job is a drain, her friends all seem to have it sorted ..and her girlfriend has dumped her?!

After my last comic, Lightfeets, which was quite upbeat and cute, I wanted to work on something more serious that explored my feelings of floundering in life. It looks at the confusion in dealing with resentment, rejection and all round rubbish stuff.  I hope I've made something that people might find a little relatable.

Those are the first 4 pages of the story! If you want to read the rest and support my work you can pop by my Etsy! At the moment if you order any of my comics you can also add on a cute custom postcard sketch - I'll even take a reasonable request if you have a favourite character or want me to draw a quick little portrait!