My cat always needs illustrating. This time he can be seen with a ruff, made using ink and watercolour as a birthday gift for my partner.



My friend Daisy made the sweetest illustration of my cat, Vincent, for my birthday. When it was their birthday the other week I made them an illustration of their cat in return!


I made this using watercolour and ink on a very textured paper - so it’s been quite difficult to get a good scan and clean it up. I’ve included some of my work in progress shots below. It was an absolutely scorching day so I sat in my garden to paint.

Just Vampy Things

I scanned in a new drawing from my sketchbook. Probably a little bit Marceline inspired - I do love the way she hovers above the ground.

Edited into a square and the shadow added in CSP.


Miriam & Persephone

miriampersephone1000 (2).png

Here’s a digital piece I’ve been working on for a while. It’s my characters Percy and Mim from my comic Lightfeets. I’m planning a new instalment of Lightfeets where they continue to be adorable magic girlfriends, so I’ve been getting familiar with them again.

I made this one so it could be viewed either way up. Here’s some details and alternative views!